About Me

Hi! I'm Jenn, the maker behind Heartisan Creations. Learning to understand design has guided me to better understand myself. 

Jenn Nowack smiling at the camera.

My designs reflect my nature. I am generous, tidy, playful, and diplomatic. A creative eye, and keen attention to detail were fostered and nurtured from childhood, with hobbies and interests like crafting, reading, writing, and all-around making. Creating something from nothing, or transforming several pieces into a greater whole, is at the heart of my creative fire, since I was taught and encouraged to use my imagination to achieve my goals.

Since earning my Bachelor of Design Honours Degree in 2015, from the York/Sheridan Program in Design, my aspirations for the future are to explore new, different, and exciting ways of creatively combining the things that inspire me.

​A continued love of learning helps me to develop my creative skills in a combination of styles and techniques, allowing my art to be informed by experience and passion.  
Please get in touch and let me know how we can work together!